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A proven and effective way to resolve a conflict is to communicate in a tactful manner. Whenever a conflict arises between 2 people, either party should call for a time out, to take a deep breath and calm down before thrashing out any issue(s) that's bothering the person.



ResetUs encourages better communication, removes tensions and discord in your relationship. The app is created to inject humor during the process to lighten the mood, and to reset your relationship back to happier times again.

Our mission

Our Mission is to make the world a peaceful place, a place where everyone gets to enjoy a harmonious life. Say goodbye to hard feelings and never waste a single moment
bearing grudges. Love yourself and those in your life and add a dash of humour to lighten the mood in your quest to resolve troubled relationships.


Designed to help you communicate by thrashing out your differences/whatever conflict you might have with your partner/family/friend/coworker.


Simple and Easy to use. All you have to do is hit the ResetUs button to get the process started.

Saving relationships in 3 Simple Steps


The one who’s upset hits the ResetUs button once, sending a sound to make the receiving party aware there’s something wrong in the relationship.


The receiving party initiates the chat feature to check if it’s a good time to talk before probing what he/she may have done to cause the sender to become unhappy. Sender chooses either to pause to calm down or reply to thrash out issues.


Once both parties have settled the differences, either party will push the ResetUs button the second time to signal they bear no grudges and have reset their relationship.

App Features

Search & Invite Friends

ResetUs allows you to connect with your friends easily.

User Friendly

ResetUs is easy to use to resolve relationships that mean a lot to you...anytime, anywhere.

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Send Message

It's easy to send messages and connect with your friends and family. Send messages using ResetUs to maintain strong and meaningful relationships.

How It Works

  • One party triggers the ReSetUs button first, sending a message via the chat box to the other party
  • The receiving party gets notified with a sad sound and is now aware that the sender feels something is not right in the relationship.
  • The receiving party initiates chatting to find out what he/she had done to cause the sending party to be unhappy.
  • And they ask if it is and a good time to chat. Either party can wait for a better time or thrash out differences.
  • After making up and all’s good…either one hits the ResetUs button.
  • Hurrah everything is good! Both move forward to reset their relationship and start from scratch bearing no grudges.

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